Don’t Be The Good & Faithful Servant

American Christianity has been using the parable of the minas to encourage business owners to maximize profits, and pay tithes on those profits.  While earning my BBA in entrepreneurship from America’s largest Baptist university I certainly heard my share of… Read More ›

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  • The Journey of Significance

     Live Your Values – There are 4 categories of values Permission-To-Play Values – Extrinsic Aspirational Values – Intrinsic Accidental Values – Intrinsic/Extrinsic Core Values – Intrinsic Ask The Right Questions What could I generate that would delight some (not all)… Read More ›

  • Rule not Rules

    Generative Self-Governance is a form of government where by the citizens connect, cohere, and cooperate with the abundant life that is resonating through the universe.  I believe that the significant life is governed in this way, and that God established this model… Read More ›

  • Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic

    A life of significance is not motivated by externalities, but from within.  One of my favorite authors, Dan Ariely, professor of behavioral economics at Duke University, explains external signaling in this way: “The large and colorful tail of the male… Read More ›

  • Creating A Journey of Significance

    Here is a 5 step, interactive process that pivots around the positive core. Discover – from the platform of your positive core put on your explorer’s hat and then take risks, ask important questions, follow your heart – don’t fear… Read More ›

  • The Positive Core

    Humankind has been created in the image of God (triune.) This idea has been interpreted many, many ways, and undoubtedly you have your views on this issue. For me, the idea that we are all made in the image of… Read More ›

  • Start with Humility

    Humility does not entertain the question. Humility is present in wise men and women with a proper perspective of themselves – a perspective that I describe as: Courageously honest about their dependence on God as the source of insight, revelation,… Read More ›

  • Significance

    Men and women are compelled to create lives that are noteworthy, impactful, influential, important, meaningful, or purposeful – in a word, significant. Those that create lives of significance begin under the assumption that they are worthy, and, free from the… Read More ›

  • A Generative Question

    Few people go through life without entertaining the question of their worth, at least in some area of their life, but the most successful have worked to craft a different question. For me, the highest-level question worth asking is the… Read More ›

  • Vulnerability

    Some people mature beyond shame and pride. These people, many whom have grown weary of the question of worthiness, acquiesce to the external standard. To acquiesce in this way is called vulnerability. Here’s an example: “Ok, I admit it –… Read More ›

  • Pride: A Response To Shame

    As a response to shame, men and women will go to great lengths, and engage in all sorts of foolishness to project the appearance of perfection and strength. Some people entertain the question of worthiness, and, not content with the… Read More ›

  • The Answer is Shame

    The question of our worthiness is an invalid question – one that should never be entertained. But we do entertain it, and when we ask this question (Do I have what it takes?  How do I measure up?) – the… Read More ›

  • A False Premise

    To entertain the question of humanity’s worthiness is to accept a false premise. In my interpretation the story of Adam & Eve’s temptation by Satan and the story of Jesus’ temptation by Satan, both are teaching this important lesson. The… Read More ›

  • The Power Of Questions

    Dr. David Cooperrider, professor of social entrepreneurship at Case Western University and pioneer of Appreciative Inquiry, made this profound observation: “Human systems develop in the direction of the questions they most deliberately and frequently ask.” With that in mind, to… Read More ›

  • What Are You Worth?

    Throughout our lives we are presented with the question – the question of our worthiness. This question is frequently posed to us – especially by marketers and advertisers, but also by teachers, coaches and even many of our friends, and… Read More ›

  • There Is No Map

    Many of us want a map for living, an exact description of the territory of our lives – especially our futures. We want to minimize the risk and increase the certainty that we will reach the destination. Some people think… Read More ›

  • Tim Keller on Creation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

  • ALIVE!

    Three days after his execution, the son of the King is alive! In a fantastic demonstration of perfect coherence to the infinite and indestructible energy that formed the universe, the Prince put on full display his power to rule. Rule… Read More ›


    Following a series of tortures the first-born son of the most ancient royal family was murdered today amid on-lookers. Shockingly, the King’s son was illegally apprehended and wrongfully accused by militants of a de facto government occupying Israel’s capital city. … Read More ›

  • But Our Citizenship Is In Heaven?

    The last post, I’m Not Going To Heaven, was a paradigm shift for many folks, and I received a few questions about it. Here’s one from Philippians 3:20 “…But our citizenship is in heaven.” Right? Doesn’t that mean we are going… Read More ›