Economy and Order:

imagesThis blog is all about order, and economy, and both of those concepts are central to the management of a corporate division, small business, or large family, and thus of particular interest to me (About).  More importantly this essay is about creating a way forward for my children and yours, which should be of particular interest to you.  This blog is about recognizing a universal order that will inform a generative economy…that is, an economy for the generations.

I believe that this generative economy is both preferable and necessary, as our current economic paradigms are not sustainable.  I use the plural, paradigms, because I believe that all of the modern economic models heretofore have failed to provide an economy that maximizes wellbeing.

The term economy comes from the Ancient Greek oiko nomia, “management of a household” or “household order.”

Order is measured on a continuum between isotropy and entropy, where isotropy is defined as:uniformity in all orientations.” Through out this blog I will define isotropy as the state of perfect uniformity or orderliness.

On the other end of the continuum from isotropy is entropy.  Entropy is a measure of disorder and the unavailability of a system’s energy to do work.  Entropy is conceptually related to Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states, roughly, that everything is in a constant state of deterioration unless.  Throughout this blog I will use entropy when referring to the condition of ultimate disorder.

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