What Type of Leader Are You?

What type of leader do you want to be?

In his book, Good to Great, leading business author, Jim Collins identifies an exceptional leader, an archetype if you will. An archetype is a model or pattern, and Jim Collins identified a model leader as he conducted research for his book.  The leader he identified is so rare that he and his research team struggled to create a label that was sufficiently descriptive.

They considered several possibilities for naming this elusive leader including “Servant Leader,” but even that didn’t describe the characters at the helm of the Good to Great companies.  Jim Collins and his team finally settled on “Level 5” to describe the top tier of leadership.  As I was reading the chapter on the Level 5 leader I was thinking (ok, I was actually talking to myself) that he was describing what I call the Generative King Archetype.

Check out the presentation to learn more about the Generative King Archetype.


The Generative King “rules” on behalf of the generations.  He never manipulates, he never intimidates and he never exploits.  The Generative King is a generator, general, gentleman who creates a culture that values genre, genius and genesis.

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