RobertFuddBewusstsein17JhYesterday I submitted my presenter application to TEDxABQ, which is the TEDx event in Albuquerque, NM being held this September.  Some friends of mine talked me in to submitting after discussing some of my ideas around generative governance, generative economy and the Generative King Archetype.  TED is so engaging and inspirational, over the years some of their featured speakers were highly influential in the formation of my ideas including but not limited to:  Ken Robinson, Nic Marks, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dan Pink, Alain de Botton, James Glattfelder, Deborah Gordon, and others.  I feature a number of TED videos on my Facebook page for the Friends of Generative Governance.

If you have 10 minutes please watch the video outline of my idea.  This is the video I submitted as part of my speaker application to TEDxABQ, and it provides a “30,000 feet” overview of why I believe that the Generative Economy is in coherence with the order of the universe.  I will return to addressing the details in subsequent blog posts.  Thanks for watching.

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