The Social Interactive Energy Field

Resonating througyodaimageh your organization is a social interactive energy field.  Some call this phenomenon “corporate culture,” and some call it “the spirit of the organization.” I like the term “social interactive energy field” because it provides a visual model – waves of social energy “rippling” through your organization.  Every social interaction, whether external or internal, is either cohering with your organization’s values, and purpose, or it’s interfering.

Like a “disturbance in the force,” anxiety is causing interference in the social interactive energy field of your organization.  Given the volatile, disruptive nature of today’s business environment it is likely that anxiety is prevalent in your organization.  Is your sales force anxious? Are your management teams anxious?  Are your vendors and partners anxious?  Your customers may even be anxious.  All of this anxiety is frustrating your organization’s ability to innovate.  It is frustrating your organization’s mission.

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