Alligators and Anxiety

alligator-attackI used to have a business partner who was fond of saying, “you can’t keep your mind on your business when the alligators are after you.”  He was from Florida.  What he meant was salesmen (or anyone) can’t tap into their inner genius to create innovative solutions and strategies when they are overwhelmed by real (or perceived) threats.  Not being able to meet the needs for provision and protection is a real threat. When employees are immersed in a threatening culture – when they “feel” their needs are threatened – the result is anxiety.

So what unmet needs are the source of anxiety interfering with the social interactive energy field of your organization?  No one “needs” sales to grow x-percent over last year, no one “needs” earnings to increase over last quarter, no one “needs” a new plastic piece of junk or even the latest iGadget – I would venture to say that no one “needs” more money.

Simply, people (all people) have the need for provision and protection. At a minimum they need enough to match their community’s median standard of living.  If those needs are not met you can be sure that anxiety is interfering with the social interactive energy field of your organization.  Are you meeting your employees’ needs – or feeding them to the alligators.

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