Stop Asking God…

Tebowing, Suited up Drew Steliga for Savvy Spice blog NYE postStop asking God to “bless” your business.

Stop asking God to “bring” you more customers.

Stop asking God to “bring” you the right employees.

Stop asking God to “multiply” your sales.

In the Christian culture it is popular for business owners to declare that, “Jesus is the CEO of this company.”  Many, by making such a declaration, believe that God will “bless,” “bring,” and “multiply” for them.

If Jesus is your CEO – you work for him, not the other way around.  Please don’t expect him to show up to your business with a magic wand and start making you more comfortable.  If Jesus is your CEO, then you are the CHEO reporting to him.

What is a CHEO you ask?

A CHEO is the Chief Heaven Experience Officer.

As the Chief Heaven Experience Officer it is your responsibility to optimize the heaven experience for all of the stakeholders in your organization.  It’s your job to optimize the heaven experience.  It is your job to fulfill the values, passion, and purpose of the CEO.

What are the values, passion, and purpose of the CEO?

“…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven…”

 In what ways have your stakeholders experienced heaven on earth?

As the Chief Heaven Experience Officer are you ready to report to your CEO on all of the many ways you have optimized the heaven experience for your employees? For your vendors and partners? How about your community members? How have you optimized the heaven experience for your customers?

Are you even thinking about your job as CHEO, or are you waiting for the CEO to do it all?  Have you asked the CEO what his vision is for optimizing the heaven experience at your organization?

Ask God how you can optimize the heaven experience for your stakeholders.

Ask God for the wisdom, ideas, revelation, insight, and strategy to do your job.

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  1. Mitch,
    Thanks for posting this. I’m not sure that this is your exact point, but my first reaction was “what should I be asking God?” The answer that came to me was this: Ask God to “show me who I can serve”.

  2. Thanks, Mark, for reading and for commenting. To be sure, the greatest in the Kingdom is a servant. Stay tuned… tommorrow’s post will answer your question.

  3. I would also like to add that you read Isaiah 48:17 – will be inspirational for all business people

  4. Great. Stop asking God to bless what your doing and start asking him to help you do what he is already blessing.

  5. When I initially saw this article, I was not pleased especially when I read, “Stop asking…” God wants a relationship with us; his condition (if you call it that) is that we strive to be like God, in our behavior, words and prayer. His study guide for how we live our life, for when we need encouragement and inspiration is in the Bible. I trust in God to give me business opportunities, leading me down the path that he has set forth for me. Since God wants to be in relationship with us, he wants us to come to him with our anxieties, our needs and our wants. Frankly, you are trying to make God into a business, which is insulting. Leave him in the spiritual realm.

  6. Julie,

    Two things. I may be reading you wrong, but it seems to me that you are contradicting yourself. On the one hand you say you ask God for business opportunities, on the other you say leave him in the spiritual realm. Isn’t asking Him for business opportunities taking Him into business?

    Second, it seems to me that the point of the original post was that so many of us think of God as our servant rather than our Master. I struggle frequently with thinking that God should make everything easy for me because I’m trusting Him. Then I go back and read what happened to the heroes of faith and remind myself that most, if not all, didn’t have anything like the cushy life that I have. So I took Mitch to be saying that we are His servants, not His master, and we should be asking God to train us in being a servant.

    As for leaving God in the spiritual realm, that would be impossible. If we truly follow Him, he is in every realm and should permeate everything that we do.

  7. @Mark: I think you might need to re-read my post, especially where I say, “I trust in God to give me business opportunities, leading me down the path that he has set forth for me.” I do not ask him for business opp’s. God is in control of the master plan, and I either choose to take the opp’s he sets before me or to ignore them. I too understood the rehashing of us being God’s servants, not God being our Master. To answer the 2nd part of your post – Adam and Eve’s consequence for following Satan is for them to experience suffering. There is nothing in Genesis that says life will be easier because you trust God. I smile when I read about your cushy life – because I think to myself, JUST when I get comfy, that’s when God intervenes. Agreeably – God is in every realm – great point! Take care.

  8. Julie,

    Just for clarification, what I meant by “cushy” life is that my manager being a tyrant, layoff, start-up of a new business, stress, etc. is nothing compared to people getting beheaded, hung upside down on crosses, being thrown into cisterns, sold into slavery, etc.

    Isn’t it fun when God tests our commitment, moves us out of our comfort zone and into the battle!

  9. @Mark – Amen on the cushy life. Puts things into perspective.

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