What’s Your Problem?

businessman-climbing-a-rockWord problems.  Relationship problems.  Back problems.  Money problems.

No one wants problems.

Except rock climbers.

Rock climbers go looking for problems.  Seriously.  They spend their recreational time looking for problems.


Problems are what they call the logistical challenges that certain boulders, or cracks, or rock faces present.  Rock climbers love problems, because:

  • They get to exercise autonomy by choosing the problems to address.
  • They select problems that are challenging – that are on the outer fringe of their ability – and are neither too easy (boring) nor too difficult (frustrating.)
  • They get timely feedback on their efforts to solve the problem – given that feedback they can “iterate and pivot” (the terminology used by lean start-ups for quickly innovating a new and different solution.)
  • Solving these problems doesn’t seem like work – in fact, they often loose the sense of time as they become fully engaged in the deep thinking that the problem evokes.

Doesn’t that sound great!  No wonder rock climbers spend their weekends searching for problems.

Given that fresh understanding of problems – are problems something to be avoided or something to be pursued? (What if your kid had this mindset about math problems?)

What if you went looking for interesting problems? What would find? What if you gave your employees permission to go looking for interesting problems?  What could they find?


Problems are opportunities to participate in genesis.

In the case of rock climbing – genesis is the process of converting the energy of inspiration and ideas (about how to approach the challenge of the climb) into real, tangible, experiential solutions – the climber arrives at the top.

Genesis is a cultural norm in the kingdom of heaven.  Genesis is the process of transferring what is in the mind of God into a material, physical experience.  Genesis is an energy conversion process.  It is the conversion of the abundant energy that is resonating through the universe into something tangible – experiential.

For Jesus – genesis was the process of converting the infinitely abundant energy (eternal life) in God into optimized human experiences: i.e. Restoration – of sight, limbs, health, peace, life.  He physically and experientially “saved” people.

Human experience optimization is not easy.  It’s not simple.  Human experience optimization is a problem.  And if you own a business or if you hold a position of authority in a corporation – if you are a “father” – it’s your problem.

It’s an opportunity for you and your organization to participate in the culture of the kingdom of heaven.  It’s an opportunity to cooperate with the prayer of Jesus…

“…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

It’s an opportunity to cohere with the abundant life in God – to access the ideas, wisdom, inspiration, revelation and strategy that are readily available in God, and to convert those into real, material, tangible, human experiences that are optimized for the stakeholders in your organization.  It’s an opportunity to do meaningful, engaging work – to address real issues – to facilitate well being for real people – to solve interesting problems.

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