Why? Why? Why?

small start with why white boardAchievement is getting what you want.

Integrity is how you get it.

Success is knowing why you want it.

Start with Why is title of Simon Sinek’s excellent book in which he explains that what you do isn’t nearly as important as why you do it.  In fact, Mr. Sinek presents a compelling case for the idea that people don’t really buy what – they buy why.

Start your business with why.

Start your marketing campaign with why.

Start your corporate social responsibility initiative with why.

Let why inform your hiring efforts.

Let why guide your career choices.

What is your why?

Be honest with yourself.

If your why reduces to more wealth, status, and power for you, and you’re willing to implement intimidation, manipulation, or exploitation as your how –  you just may get what you want…

…but your success will be fleeting.

Soon enough your partners, vendors, employees, community members, and customers will see your why, and your crumbling integrity will be exposed, and few will remain interested in what you say, or make, or do.  No matter how cheaply you try to sell it.

This is especially true if you claim to be a Christian.  If your brand features a clever bible reference, or a fish logo, you had better be very clear about your why.

What is Jesus’ why?

We might find a clue in his well know prayer – “…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven…”

Perhaps our why could be to bring a little more heaven to earth, to our communities, our businesses (including employees,) and our families?

This is the heart of Human Experience Optimization.

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2 replies

  1. Without God it’s just chasing the wind. I liked what you wrote.

  2. loved it too and absolutely enjoy your writing style!

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