Business Blessing Multiplier

Black_and_White_Fractal_1_by_MysticrainbowStockGrowth.  It’s the primary focus of many executives and business owners, and many – at some point in their journey – seek some supernatural assistance for achieving that growth.

We want God to “bless” our businesses – what ever that means.

What does that mean?

Doesn’t it mean that you want God to cause your business to grow?

How many times do you want God to bless your business?

Which “blessing multiplier” do you want God to apply to your business – specifically?

2X? Would you like God to double your business?

Is that it?  Just double? Why not 10X?

Now that’d be awesome.  But this is God we’re talking about.

So what’s to prevent him from blessing your business with 100X growth, or even 1000X?

Is there a limit to God’s blessing?

When you ask God to bless your business – how much of God’s blessing do you want?

Seriously, attempt to envision 1000X growth?  I say “attempt” because that is very difficult for most people to imagine.

To help you imagine it consider the following:  The first Starbucks Coffee shop serving brewed coffee opened around 1984.  There are now 20,891 Starbucks in the world.  20,000X growth over 30 years.

Can you envision your business growing 20,000X?  Why not?

  • Fear?
  • Unbelief?
  • Lack of 20,000X vision?

If you could imagine it, what would it take for you to expand 1000X?  How much more work would you have to do to manage 1000X growth?  Can you really imagine putting in the effort it would take to grow 1000X?  Do you even want to do what your doing 1000X more?

Why would you work any harder than you’re working now?


Can you really imagine working that hard for just more money?

Many executives and business owners do – and those that are mature know that doing so is vanity.

If you’re doing what you’re doing for more money then I recommend you be very specific when asking God to bless your work and your business.  You should probably ask God to keep your “blessing multiplier” at 2X or less…put some limits on the abundant life.

However, if you want to cohere to the infinitely abundant, eternal life resonating from God then you need to imagine doing something that’s worth more than money.  Something meaningful, purposeful – even holy.

How about building an organization that cooperates with the well known prayer of Jesus – “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…?”

Imagine that the mission of your organization was to bring a little more heaven to the human experience?

What if you began to imagine your business , much as it is now,  as a vehicle to deliver a little more heaven to earth?

What if the culture of your organization were to cohere to the culture of heaven – even a little bit?

Would that be worth growing 10X, or 100X, or 1000X, or even more?

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