The Greatest Value Generator in the World

money_machineYou’re working hard on your business.  Long hours.  Late nights.  Sacrifice.

“Things that are worth while don’t come easy,” you say to yourself.

After all that work – what will you have?

The greatest bakery/auto repair/coffee shop/plumbing supply, etc… in town?

What do you want to be when you’re done?

Safe? Secure? Comfortable? Wealthy? Rich?

Is that it?

What if you could be something more?

What about genius, generative and generous?

Can you imagine that?  Can you envision generating something of infinite value?

With two strategies, your business could be the greatest value generator in the world:

  1. Heaven Experience Optimization
  2. Extreme Differentiation

Combined, these amount to creating something worth talking about.

Your stakeholders – your partners, your vendors, your employees, your community members and especially your customers don’t talk about how much money you generate.

They talk about how much value you generate – for them – for the generations!

When you optimize the heaven experience in a highly differentiated way, you generate tremendous value – innovation, cooperation, caring, and generosity – value that amplifies the abundant life, the eternal life resonating through the universe.

What would it take for you to operate the greatest value generator in the world?

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