Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Ghent_Altarpiece_D_-_Adoration_of_the_Lamb_1What did esteemed business thinker and author, Peter Drucker, say was more important than strategy?


What was God teaching Adam as they walked together in the cool of the day?


Why was God displeased with Cain’s sacrifice and pleased with Abel’s?


What was God really destroying in the flood?


Why did God confuse the languages at the Tower of Babel?  Isn’t language the primary conveyor of culture?

Why did Melchizedek serve bread & wine to Abram – 2000 years before the “last supper?”


How is it that Issac, Abraham’s son, knew about the sacrificial lamb – 500+ years BEFORE the Jews started making sacrifices?


What was Jesus praying would come on earth as it is in heaven?


What culture?  Jewish culture?  Christian culture? Catholic culture? Protestant culture? American Southern Baptist Buckle of the Bible Belt culture?

Can you articulate the culture of your organization?  What or who inspires the ideals, attitudes, goals, and values of your organization? What resources do you devote to addressing the culture of your organization?  Is the culture of your organization more like the culture of heaven, or more like that of hell? What would your vendors and partners say? What would your community members say? What would your employees say?  Have you asked?

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