What Is Your Business About?

business-plan-helping-hand1Jesus said he was about his Father’s business. (Luke 2:49)

He also said that He did only what he saw His Father doing (John 5:19.)

If you look, by volume, at the gospel accounts of what Jesus was doing – it doesn’t look much at all like our businesses.

He never asked them “…if you died tonight do you know where you would go?”

He never asked them if they were “saved.”  He never invited someone to church.

Jesus never said “…keep warm and well fed.” (James 2:16) He never refused service to anyone because of their sin.

For Jesus, being about his father’s business seemed to be mostly about caring for the needs of people.

Jesus asked Peter if he loved him.  When Peter replied in the affirmative, Jesus said “Feed my sheep.” (John 21:17)

Whose business are you about?

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