What Is A Christian Business?

dogAm I selling goods or services to Christians?

Am I a Christian selling goods and services?

If you are marketing your brand to a group that has a Christian “otaku” (a Japanese word often used by marketing guru Seth Godin describing people with an almost obsessive interest) then using Christian labels, images, and language could benefit your sales.

Many businesses involved in the Christian music industry are a great example of this.

If your mission is to represent the Kingdom of Heaven as an ambassador of Christ, and your business is the embassy where Heaven’s culture comes to earth (in keeping with the Lord’s prayer…thy kingdom come…on earth as in Heaven) then behaving in ways that are aligned with the behaviors of the King (i.e. open, trustworthy, generative, vital, dynamic and generous – never manipulative, intimidating or exploitative) will benefit your mission.

Those differences established – if a business owner chooses to explain various business decisions in terms of “Christian principles,” they should be careful to observe ALL Christian principles or be found to have an integrity problem (as many in the Christian music business have.)

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