Easter Street ArtFollowing a series of tortures the first-born son of the most ancient royal family was murdered today amid on-lookers.

Shockingly, the King’s son was illegally apprehended and wrongfully accused by militants of a de facto government occupying Israel’s capital city.  By all accounts the Prince conducted himself in the most regal manner during the “kangaroo court” style proceedings.

Mocking justice, the judge deferred sentencing to a mob outside the courthouse.  Caught-up in the fervor of the mob, the Prince’s captors hastened to execute the sentence.  Adding insult to injury, the prince was undeservedly disrespected at every turn, but witnesses say he maintained comportment, thereby honoring his father and the royal culture he represents.  At least one report claims that the Prince even spoke a blessing over his executioners.

The Prince’s death raises questions about heirs to the kingdom.

Some speculate that the death of the King’s first-born son will prompt political unrest as opportunists posture for position.

There are rumors circulating that the King intends to consign the inheritance to all of the members of his household.

If this is true it would be unprecedented, and raises questions about how this delegation of the King’s authority will effect the King’s plan to annex the entire Earth for his Kingdom.

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