EKGThree days after his execution, the son of the King is alive! In a fantastic demonstration of perfect coherence to the infinite and indestructible energy that formed the universe, the Prince put on full display his power to rule. Rule he does, resurrecting from an unquestionable death in the witness of many.

Last Friday the first-born son of the most ancient royal family was executed by an illegitimate, occupying force outside Israel’s capital city. The death of the first-born left many wondering about who would inherit the kingdom.

After his son’s death, the King legally consigned his inheritance to all of the members of the household.

His deliberate, executive action established a royal priesthood and holy nation – apparently intending to annex the whole earth for his Kingdom, and immerse the earth in the culture of heaven.

Given the dramatic events of this Sunday morning, and living presence of the now resurrected, rightful heir to the kingdom, some question the King’s decision.

Others close to the King indicate that the Prince, first-born among many brothers, will be a joint-heir with his brothers. However, his father, the King, has granted the first-born plenary authority in every realm, and given him a new title that well describes the heretofore unheard of arrangement. He is to be known, henceforth, as the King of kings.

The Prince’s amazing display of power and authority, specifically his resurrection from death, will no doubt be commemorated in perpetuity.

Those familiar with the history of the Kingdom, and the values central to it’s culture are well aware that sacrifice has been a cultural norm since earliest records. Given the Prince’s resurrection, many are suggesting that a new cultural norm has been established, and is expected to be upheld by the joint-heirs. The new norm is: perfect coherence to the infinite, indestructible energy, what is being referred to as “eternal life.”

Those close to the Prince are saying that the events of the past three days were part of a plan to carry out the will of the King, and firmly establish the Kingdom’s culture throughout the whole earth.

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