There Is No Map

Many of us want a map for living, an exact description of the territory of our lives – especially our futures.

We want to minimize the risk and increase the certainty that we will reach the destination.

Some people think that the way of God is just such a map and attempt to read the Bible (or other religious book) and follow it as a map.

Think about a map, think about how we use it, think about our expectations of a map.

Maps represent exactly what’s ahead.  Where the obstacles and challenges are.  Where to turn right or left.

We often follow, blindly, the path laid out on the map.

Now think about a compass and how a compass differs from a map.

A compass will not tell you what lies ahead.  It does not tell you where to turn.  It only tells you what direction you are going.

For each of us, the journey of significance is uncharted territory.  There is no map.

Significance is a direction – like true north.  It is not a destination.  You cannot arrive at significance, but you can head in that direction.

Generating clarity around Values, Passion, and Purpose serve as a compass guiding toward a life of significance.

Decisions and behaviors informed by your values, passion, and purpose can only insure that you are heading in the right direction.

And that’s what keeps life interesting.

No certainty. No guarantees.

Lots of adventure.  Lots of surprise.  Lots of freedom to explore.  Freedom to choose.

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