The Answer is Shame

job-losing_505_051112091236The question of our worthiness is an invalid question – one that should never be entertained. But we do entertain it, and when we ask this question (Do I have what it takes?  How do I measure up?) – the answer is shame.  Shame is the answer to the question of man’s worthiness.

For a woman, shame originates from questioning her perfection –

for a man shame originates from questioning his strength (capability.)

Shame is the answer because when we compare ourselves to some external standard we can always find someone who’s better, stronger, prettier, smarter, richer, etc… 

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  1. Awesome. Just talked to THE NORTH GATE about this. There is only one plumb line to measure ourselves, THE FATHER, lived out by THE SON. SHAME, as you so brilliantly ID it, is, you would think the answer, but mercy turns out to be the encounter. Followed by goodness, taking my hand to repentance and resting in forgiveness. To measure ourselves to any other only leave us stranded with shame. What a desert that is. Thanks for your words.

  2. Thank you Pastor Green, for taking time to read on comment on this post. Your encouragement means a lot.


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