Rule not Rules

Generative Self Governance Anarchy Blind Obedience Informed AcquiescenceGenerative Self-Governance is a form of government where by the citizens connect, cohere, and cooperate with the abundant life that is resonating through the universe.  I believe that the significant life is governed in this way, and that God established this model when He made man in His own image and delegated man authority to rule the earth.  Jesus exemplifies a life of significance and generative self-governance.

This form of government is different than other forms of government like: Anarchy, Blind Obedience, or Informed Acquiescence, as it is highly decentralized and founded upon man’s agency.

Currently, my thinking leads me to correlate the various soul-states with the various categories of governance.

For example, the soul-state of shame correlates with anarchy, which is the absence of governance, or rule.  Some people, dissatisfied with the answer to the question of their worthiness, as it is measured by some externality, rebel against that external measure.

Significance Shame Pride Vulnerability


  • Those who rebel against religious doctrines (rules)
  • Those who rebel against popular culture (rules)
  • Those who rebel against socio-economic standards (rules))

Similarly, pride can result when we blindly obey (conform) to some external measure of worthiness.


  • Those who blindly adhere to religious doctrines (rules)
  • Those who blindly adhere to popular culture (rules)
  • Those who blindly adhere to socio-economic standards (rules))

And, vulnerability (a false humility) is the result of acquiescing to some external measure of worthiness.


  • Those who acquiesce to religious doctrines (rules)
  • Those who acquiesce to popular culture (rules)
  • Those who acquiesce to socio-economic standards (rules))

Shame, pride, vulnerability and their corresponding forms of rule stand in stark contrast to significance.  Those on the Journey of Significance do not entertain the question of their worth.  Instead, they are:

  • Free to govern themselves (rule) apart from religious doctrines (rules)
  • Free to govern themselves (rule) apart from popular culture (rules)
  • Free to govern themselves (rule) apart from socio-economic standards (rules)

Before Adam and Eve entertained the question of their worth, before the Ten Commandments, before the Christian religion – God delegated to Adam the right to rule over the whole earth.  In my mind, we have been designed to govern ourselves, not out of shame, or pride, or vulnerability but out of a clear sense of purpose.  In my opinion that purpose was illuminated by the life of Jesus, and his famous prayer  “…thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven.”  For me, that translates to manifesting the culture, economy, and governance of heaven – on earth.  This clarity helps to inform my decision making.

I believe that God’s invitation to man is much bigger, much grander, much more romantic and epic than a free “get out of hell” pass –

I believe God’s invitation is to live a life of real meaning and purpose –

His is an invitation to embark on a journey of significance.

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