The Journey of Significance

  1. 2011_04_14_1069_1200 Live Your Values – There are 4 categories of values
    1. Permission-To-Play Values – Extrinsic
    2. Aspirational Values – Intrinsic
    3. Accidental Values – Intrinsic/Extrinsic
    4. Core Values – Intrinsic
  2. Ask The Right Questions
    1. What could I generate that would delight some (not all) people?
    2. How could I generate more heaven and less hell in the earth?
    3. How could I facilitate life, and that more abundantly?
    4. How can I matter? (…not how can I be a success?)
  3. Trust Yourself & Extend Trust To Others – Generative Self-Governance
    1. Able – Work to develop competence (this includes surrounding yourself with competent partners)
    2. Responsible – Work to develop your response ability
    3. Believable – Courageous Honesty
    4. Dependable – Keep Promises
  4. Take Risks
    1. Humility – The ultimate measure of courage
    2. Wholehearted Servant Leadership
    3. Courageous Generosity – Generate More Value Than You Extract From Every Transaction
  5. Create & Maintain Clarity around Why Do I/We Exist?
    1. Constructionist Principle: We co-create narratives that become our reality.
    2. Poetic Principle: We interpret actions and events according to our narrative.
    3. Simultaneity Principle: Change begins the moment we ask a question.
    4. Anticipatory Principle: Our vision creates our future.
    5. Positive Principle: Amplifying the “positive core” increases the amplitude and length of energy waves that create everything.
  6. Innovate in How FIRST – then in What
    1. Humility is the birthplace of genius
    2. How is more important than what (will anyone miss how you work if you were to stop doing it that way?)
    3. How is generated out of your “positive core” (values, passion, purpose, talents, gifts, strengths)
  7. Connect & Collaborate
    1. Systems Mindset – Open, Interconnected, Transparent, Dynamic, Complex
    2. Abundance Mindset
    3. Generous – Courageous giving of respect, consideration, time, energy, ideas and love
  8. Create a Wave (like the wave among the fans in the stands of a football stadium)
    1. Make Disciples – one at a time
    2. Over communicate your clarity to your Circle of Influence
  9. Earn Your Reputation
    1. Be Remarkable (will anyone miss how you work if you were to stop doing it that way?)
    2. Value your “brand” – (A brand is more than a logo, or a name. A brand is a set of expectations that people have based on the promises they THINK you have made.)
  10. Align Your Behaviors With The Abundant Life – On Earth As In Heaven

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