Nearly 30 years ago I married my high school sweetheart.  Together we attended Baylor University, where I studied Entrepreneurship and Finance.  After Baylor we moved to New Mexico to attend graduate school, and fell in love with the high desert climate.  About 27 years ago we sold our only television and intentionally established a family culture of reading, thinking and discussing ideas. We especially appreciate people who are willing to question the status quo, and who have the maturity to entertain brutal honesty, and the courage to explore alternatives.

21 years ago our first child was born.  We now have 8 children.

Stating that fact sometimes distracts people as their minds flood with questions.  These questions become hurdles to any further communication.  So that you can concentrate on the remainder of this blog without having to attend to those nagging questions, I will answer some of the questions that everyone seems to ask when they learn that I have eight children:

2010 Family Circle B&W We are not members of a religion that promotes large families.
All the children are our natural children, none were adopted.
All the children are from one marriage, from the same mother, my only wife.
We drive a 12 passenger van like those at the airport.
My wife has devoted her life to educating them all at home.
No, we still don’t have a television.

I mention my children because they are what this blog is all about.  Not just my children, but yours as well…and how we might create a better world for them and the generations to come after them by questioning some of the ideas that many take for granted.

For more information please contact me at:  mitch@mitchcowart.com

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