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  • Stop Calling It a “Christian” Business

    Did Jesus use the fish, or cross logo to promote his “brand?” Did he label his “business” (as in”…I must be about my father’s business…”) as a “Christian/Kingdom/Jesus business?” I don’t think he often even told people who he was… Read More ›

  • Jesus’ Business Plan

    What do you do? What do you make? What did Jesus make? Don’t hire people to make widgets. Make widgets so you can hire people. …and make disciples. Not converts. Not church goers. Not religious nuts. Disciples. A disciple is… Read More ›

  • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

    What did esteemed business thinker and author, Peter Drucker, say was more important than strategy? Culture. What was God teaching Adam as they walked together in the cool of the day? Culture? Why was God displeased with Cain’s sacrifice and… Read More ›

  • The Greatest Value Generator in the World

    You’re working hard on your business.  Long hours.  Late nights.  Sacrifice. “Things that are worth while don’t come easy,” you say to yourself. After all that work – what will you have? The greatest bakery/auto repair/coffee shop/plumbing supply, etc… in… Read More ›

  • Business Blessing Multiplier

    Growth.  It’s the primary focus of many executives and business owners, and many – at some point in their journey – seek some supernatural assistance for achieving that growth. We want God to “bless” our businesses – what ever that… Read More ›

  • Vision not Visibility

    “No one is less ready for tomorrow than the person who holds the most rigid beliefs about what tomorrow will contain.” — Watts Wacker, Jim Taylor and Howard Means The Visionary’s Handbook: Ten Paradoxes That Will Shape the Future of… Read More ›

  • Why? Why? Why?

    Achievement is getting what you want. Integrity is how you get it. Success is knowing why you want it. Start with Why is title of Simon Sinek’s excellent book in which he explains that what you do isn’t nearly as… Read More ›

  • What’s Your Problem?

    Word problems.  Relationship problems.  Back problems.  Money problems. No one wants problems. Except rock climbers. Rock climbers go looking for problems.  Seriously.  They spend their recreational time looking for problems. Why? Problems are what they call the logistical challenges that… Read More ›

  • Still Keeping Score?

    Preparing to take the game winning shot – the player repeatedly looks at the scoreboard – only seconds remain.  “I have to make these points,” he thinks. He looks at the coach who has anxiety written all over him.  “This… Read More ›

  • The New “F” Word

    Society is now replete with examples of men who have fathered generations of frustrated, disappointed, betrayed, angry, and wounded offspring. Through abandonment, divorce, substance abuse, incarceration, or the phenomenon of “absent while present” – fatherlessness is pandemic. There are now… Read More ›

  • Get the Idea

    If you want to be inspired by God – ask Him to reveal ways to generate more value than you extract. That is what your business is for – to generate more value than it extracts. God will inspire business… Read More ›

  • Stop Asking God…

    Stop asking God to “bless” your business. Stop asking God to “bring” you more customers. Stop asking God to “bring” you the right employees. Stop asking God to “multiply” your sales. In the Christian culture it is popular for business… Read More ›

  • Anxious for Nothing

    Every person in your organization is affected by the social interactive energy field.  Positively or negatively, they are amplifying the waves of social energy resonating through your organization.  Anxiety, generated by unmet needs, is interfering with your organization’s ability to… Read More ›

  • Your Mission

    Look at the diagram below.  Study it for a minute or two.  As a leader, your challenge is to create an environment, a culture that fosters the leveraging of the resources listed on the left (mindsets) to create the stuff… Read More ›

  • Anxiety Amplified

    The president of the company earns $1.4M annually.  About half of that is bonuses and stock.  She’s anxious. Sales are down and she’s not happy, and everybody knows it – especially the VP of sales who’s been in his position… Read More ›

  • Anxiety Investigator

    Anxiety is interfering with your organization’s mission.  Unmet needs are the primary source of anxiety.  Great leaders manage to minimize unmet needs and anxiety.  The first step in managing for the unmet needs that are the source of most anxiety… Read More ›

  • The Real Work of Leaders

    Once your employee’s basic needs of provision and protection are met…we move up Maslow’s Hierarchy and it gets a little more abstract.  For starters, we all need a sense of purpose (that’s bigger than making money and acquiring more stuff.)  … Read More ›

  • Alligators and Anxiety

    I used to have a business partner who was fond of saying, “you can’t keep your mind on your business when the alligators are after you.”  He was from Florida.  What he meant was salesmen (or anyone) can’t tap into… Read More ›

  • Anxiety is Interfering

    Anxiety is interfering with everything your organization needs right now.  Anxiety is interfering with creative product/service development, it’s interfering with sales and marketing teams, and it’s interfering with your managers’ ability to communicate effectively.   Individuals and departments are competing for… Read More ›

  • The Social Interactive Energy Field

    Resonating through your organization is a social interactive energy field.  Some call this phenomenon “corporate culture,” and some call it “the spirit of the organization.” I like the term “social interactive energy field” because it provides a visual model –… Read More ›