Men and women are compelled to create lives that are noteworthy, impactful, influential, important, meaningful, or purposeful – in a word, significant. Those that create lives of significance begin under the assumption that they are worthy, and, free from the… Read More ›

A Generative Question

Few people go through life without entertaining the question of their worth, at least in some area of their life, but the most successful have worked to craft a different question. For me, the highest-level question worth asking is the… Read More ›


Some people mature beyond shame and pride. These people, many whom have grown weary of the question of worthiness, acquiesce to the external standard. To acquiesce in this way is called vulnerability. Here’s an example: “Ok, I admit it –… Read More ›

A False Premise

To entertain the question of humanity’s worthiness is to accept a false premise. In my interpretation the story of Adam & Eve’s temptation by Satan and the story of Jesus’ temptation by Satan, both are teaching this important lesson. The… Read More ›

The Power Of Questions

Dr. David Cooperrider, professor of social entrepreneurship at Case Western University and pioneer of Appreciative Inquiry, made this profound observation: “Human systems develop in the direction of the questions they most deliberately and frequently ask.” With that in mind, to… Read More ›