What Are You Worth?

Throughout our lives we are presented with the question – the question of our worthiness. This question is frequently posed to us – especially by marketers and advertisers, but also by teachers, coaches and even many of our friends, and… Read More ›

There Is No Map

Many of us want a map for living, an exact description of the territory of our lives – especially our futures. We want to minimize the risk and increase the certainty that we will reach the destination. Some people think… Read More ›


Three days after his execution, the son of the King is alive! In a fantastic demonstration of perfect coherence to the infinite and indestructible energy that formed the universe, the Prince put on full display his power to rule. Rule… Read More ›


Following a series of tortures the first-born son of the most ancient royal family was murdered today amid on-lookers. Shockingly, the King’s son was illegally apprehended and wrongfully accused by militants of a de facto government occupying Israel’s capital city. … Read More ›