Yesterday I submitted my presenter application to TEDxABQ, which is the TEDx event in Albuquerque, NM being held this September.  Some friends of mine talked me in to submitting after discussing some of my ideas around generative governance, generative economy… Read More ›

My Questions:

In the previous posts, I have presented evidence that the current economy is ordered around scarcity and competition.  Additionally, I have presented evidence that the universe is ordered around indestructible energy.  In fact, all of the matter that exists originated… Read More ›

The Extractive Economy:

There is a theory—Canadian scholar Danny Miller lays it out nicely in a 1991 book, The Icarus Paradox—that when companies truly get into the deepest trouble, it’s usually not because of their weaknesses but rather because of their strengths. Or… Read More ›

Darwinian Economics

What role does scarcity and competition play in the development and survival of a species.  Many assume that the competition for scarce resources always makes a species more fit.  According to Darwin’s theory, natural selection does favor the traits and… Read More ›

The Scarcity Heuristic:

Behavioral economists and psychologists have identified the scarcity heuristic as a mental shortcut whereby people place value on an item based on how easily it might be lost, especially to competitors.  The scarcity heuristic does not only apply to a… Read More ›


In modern terms, economics is commonly defined as: the study of human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means.  Simply, an analysis of human behaviors affected by the influence of scarcity. At the heart of this blog is… Read More ›

Economy and Order:

This blog is all about order, and economy, and both of those concepts are central to the management of a corporate division, small business, or large family, and thus of particular interest to me (About).  More importantly this essay is… Read More ›