Is your career, business, family, marriage, life all that you had imagined?  Does your career/business reflect your values, passions and purpose? Is your family fulfilling its purpose for your life?

Can you imagine a business with a mission bigger than money? Can you imagine not fearing for the future because you are able to see the future as fueled by abundant resources for supplying well-being to all of the stakeholders, rather than a desperate “grab” for scarce resources? Do you resonate with a desire to participate in a culture where cooperation, generosity, caring, and innovation are standard operating procedures?

I believe that your career/business/family/marriage/life can be a source of life and well-being for all of the stakeholders. It can be a space where you foster a generative economy — where all involved desire to cooperate with your growth, development, innovation, and are confident that they will not be manipulated, intimidated or exploited in any way.

This blog explores these concepts, and attempts to challenge the status quo, raise important questions, inspire vision, encourage change, and facilitate growth on behalf of the generations.

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