And Not Or

How do I prepare my mind for battle and meditate on tenderness? How do I maintain the heart of a warrior and a lover? How do I embrace the pain and the pleasure of her presence?  How do I live… Read More ›

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  • Don’t Be The Good & Faithful Servant


    American Christianity has been using the parable of the minas to encourage business owners to maximize profits, and pay tithes on those profits.  While earning my BBA in entrepreneurship from America’s largest Baptist university I certainly heard my share of… Read More ›

  • The Journey of Significance


     Live Your Values – There are 4 categories of values Permission-To-Play Values – Extrinsic Aspirational Values – Intrinsic Accidental Values – Intrinsic/Extrinsic Core Values – Intrinsic Ask The Right Questions What could I generate that would delight some (not all)… Read More ›

  • Rule not Rules

    Generative Self Governance Anarchy Blind Obedience Informed Acquiescence

    Generative Self-Governance is a form of government where by the citizens connect, cohere, and cooperate with the abundant life that is resonating through the universe.  I believe that the significant life is governed in this way, and that God established this model… Read More ›

  • Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic


    A life of significance is not motivated by externalities, but from within.  One of my favorite authors, Dan Ariely, professor of behavioral economics at Duke University, explains external signaling in this way: “The large and colorful tail of the male… Read More ›

  • Creating A Journey of Significance

    Creating Significance

    Here is a 5 step, interactive process that pivots around the positive core. Discover – from the platform of your positive core put on your explorer’s hat and then take risks, ask important questions, follow your heart – don’t fear… Read More ›

  • The Positive Core


    Humankind has been created in the image of God (triune.) This idea has been interpreted many, many ways, and undoubtedly you have your views on this issue. For me, the idea that we are all made in the image of… Read More ›


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